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What We Stand For

Our New Community-Crafted Mission

During the academic year of 2019-2020, ISBerne reevaluated its Mission Statement. We held numerous workshops with staff, students and parents to assess each facet of our community and establish an agreed vision of who we are and what we stand for. Below is the result of this work. This new mission will serve as a compass to ensure we continue on the path we believe in.



Welcome and Connect

We welcome and connect.

Our community values respectful and collaborative relationships.

Nurture and Inspire

We nurture and inspire.

Our community cares for its members and encourages them to reach their potential.

challenge and prepare

We challenge and prepare.

Our community offers rigorous programmes that prepare global citizens for tomorrow.

Our Definition of Intercultural Understanding

ISBerne believes that International Mindedness is a profound appreciation of our diversity and recognition of our global responsibility as embodied in the IB Learner Profile.

Our Definition of High Quality Learning

Life-long learning starts with curiosity and leads to inquiry and personal growth through the development of knowledge, skills, and understanding.

Our Learning Principles

Learners are actively engaged and develop an understanding of themselves as learners.

Learners explore the unfamiliar, consider a range of perspectives, and take informed risks. Mistakes are seen as opportunities for learning.

Learners learn with one another in safe environments when they are connected through positive, caring relationships.

Each learner engages in learning opportunities that are significant, relevant, and challenging

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