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Grade 4 and 5 Take Classes Outdoors: Connecting with Nature and Building Confidence
  • Primary School
Mary Russo

In a bid to provide a more dynamic learning experience, the International School of Berne has introduced a unique approach to Physical Education classes for students in Grades 4 and 5. Rather than traditional indoor classes, these classes were held in the lush forest surrounding the school's campus.

Teachers Mr. Haydon and Mr. Reasoner share that "the goal is to increase students' exposure to the outdoors and use the forest environment as an outdoor classroom- a space where they can use their senses to smell, listen and feel to connect with their surroundings while learning.

We intend to use the forest area for many different activities to help build confidence while letting the children explore for themselves.

Children these days spend more time inside than ever before thanks to how technology is changing our world (and of course, the covid pandemic hasn't helped).

Research has shown many benefits of outdoor time for children, including encouraging creativity and imagination and helping children practice managing their own actions. In addition, employing minimal structure compared to inside games will help children build their sense of independence and confidence."

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  • Primary School

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