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International Book and Language Week Fostered a Sense of Community
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ISBerne Community Relations Team

The International School of Berne recently hosted a week-long event called International Book and Language Week, where students engaged in reading and learned about other languages in their school community. The event was a great success, with students actively participating in various activities and demonstrating their passion for literature and languages.

International Book and Language Week aimed to showcase multiculturalism within our school. Teachers organized various activities that encouraged students to learn from each other and appreciate the diversity of their community. The activities included language workshops, reading circles, excursions, and a multicultural book stand. These activities provided an excellent opportunity for students to explore other cultures and languages, thus broadening their horizons and enriching their understanding of the world.

In addition to language and cultural activities, the school hosted visiting authors and encouraged students to participate in dress-up days, drawing, and writing activities. These activities allowed students to unleash their creativity, express themselves, and explore their literary talents.

The International Book and Language Week was a fun and engaging experience for students and provided numerous benefits for their academic and personal development. Reading is an essential skill that improves cognitive abilities, vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking. Additionally, learning new languages can enhance communication skills, cultural competence, and job opportunities. Therefore, International Book and Language Week allowed students to build their reading and language skills while having fun.

The International Book and Language Week at the International School of Berne was a great success. It provided a fantastic opportunity for students to engage in reading, learn new languages, and appreciate the diversity of their community. Moreover, the benefits of this event extended beyond academic and personal development, as it fostered a sense of community and belonging among students. 

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