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Grades 2 and 3 Explore Signs and Symbols
  • Primary School
ISBerne Community Relations Team

ISBerne students in Grades 2 and 3 have been on an exciting journey exploring signs and symbols as part of their recent unit of inquiry. The students went on a forest walk to observe the different signs and symbols found in nature. They followed directional signs in the forest, learned how to read maps and street signs and discussed their meanings and representations. Students Claire and Yazdan found sign of "ISB" on the forest floor and drew a heart around it because it's their school.

During the same unit, the students also visited the Museum für Kommunikation Bern to learn about communication, where they engaged in various activities related to their learning. The students were fascinated by the Morse code machine and feather ink pens, which they used to write letters to each other and to aliens. They also played games and had free time to explore the museum.

The students expressed their excitement and enthusiasm for the museum experience. Student Daniella shares "Do you know a language that involves flags? Well you are in luck, I learned about it at the museum and will tell you what it is. It is called Flag Semaphore. You can put a flag up and a flag down and it makes a letter. Don’t think that it’s easy, it is complicated!"

Thomas, the guide at the museum, showed the students various objects that have been sent into space, including the Voyager 1, sparking an interesting conversation about the existence of aliens.

The trip to the museum and the forest walk allowed the students to experience firsthand the different signs and symbols found in their surroundings and to learn about communication in an interactive and engaging way.

  • Primary School

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