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Grade 10 presents their personal projects virtually
  • High School
Teacher Ms. Müller

Have you ever written a book, composed a song, or restored an old typewriter? Have you ever wondered how sustainable your clothes, food, or energy sources are? Do you know how to build a computer, sew a tote bag, or create an online business? Do you understand cryptocurrencies, neural networks, or vodcasts?

Grade 10 students at the International School of Berne have done and considered, and know and understand, all of the above!

Now that they’ve put the finishing touches on their sites, Grade 10 students are ready to present their personal projects. Please visit the MYP Personal Project Virtual Exhibition to learn more about their areas of interest, goals, and products. Most importantly, consider their processes and growth as learners.

Some students have asked for specific feedback on their work. We welcome and appreciate your constructive comments.

View the exhibition

  • High School
  • Personal Project

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