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Early Learning 2 class inquires 'where are we in time and place?'
  • Early Learning
Teacher Ms. Jan

The Early Learning 2 Class at the International School of Berne has an ongoing unit of inquiry: "Where we are in time and place." The central idea is: "Where we live changes from day to day."

In October, Early Learning 2 started to observe the changes in the weather and the need to wear warmer clothes. They started to knit a scarf on a round knitting loom.

During the months that followed, Early Learning 2 continued to work on their scarves, and this week they were very proud and pleased to finish them just in time to wear them for their last Skate Friday!

Early Learning 2  has also been following the line of inquiry: "How we celebrate the changes around us," and they have learned all about the Chinese New Year. They also wore their scarves as they paraded around the school with their dragon Nian and their drums.

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