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Bern's Museum of Communication Inspires Grades 2 & 3
  • Primary School
ISBerne's Community Relations Team

Grades 2 and 3 are currently learning about Technology, and Bern's Museum of Communication was the perfect place to expand their learning.

The Museum is full of interactive exhibits relating to different forms of communication: body language, speech, the written word, telephones, video, photography, digital media, and much more. Students could play cooperative games that relied on good team communication, compare Swiss-German dialects, dub movie clips, time themselves sorting the mail, and send letters to different parts of the Museum, to name a few. The museum is brimming with captivating information, and the field trip provided an enriching educational experience beyond the confines of the classroom.

If you haven't been to the Museum of Communication, our students would highly recommend a visit to it!

Here is what they had to share about their experience:

'Last week, Grades 2 and 3 went to the Communication Museum because we are learning about Technology. When we were there, we were fascinated because there was so much Technology to see. We also learned some hand signs and had a great time learning about Technology in the Museum.' - Liadh

'My favorite things were writing with the ink feathers and the Morse Code. Zita, our tour guide, taught us about the evolution of the telephone and many interesting things. She also showed us the first computer in Switzerland.' - Aria

'On the trip to the Communication Museum, we looked at old telephones, sign language, and a big brain. What I found interesting was the computer. I liked the games, and the tubes for sending messages were cool.' - Ellen

'I learned that you can use tech to communicate in many different ways like sign language, through tubes, and other things. One of my favorite things was the tubes because you could send letters to your friends. One thing I discovered was that the Museum looks small on the outside but is huge on the inside.' - Emma

'I did some Morse Code, and we wrote our names, but it was very hard. At the end, my mind was fatigued.' - Yousef

'My friend Eliza and I saw red and yellow flag signs, and it was fun because we learned about a new language.' - Lara

'One fascinating thing was the recording place, and Lara and I had an exciting time recording. My personal favorite was the photos. We took a photo and made a stamp, then printed out the photos and put them in a big frame.' - Eliza


  • Primary School

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