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Bernisches Historisches Museum Inspires Grade 5
  • Primary School
ISBerne Community Relations Team

March 2023 was a memorable time for the Grade 5 students of the International School of Berne as they had the exciting opportunity to visit one of Switzerland's most important history museums – the Bernisches Historisches Museum. With over half a million objects on display, including internationally-renowned artefacts, the Grade 5 students were in for a treat!

The visit was particularly special for the students as it was part of their preparation for the Primary Years Programme (PYP) Exhibition. The PYP Exhibition is an exciting event where students get to showcase their understanding of a real-life issue or topic they've been studying. What better place to get inspiration?

The Grade 5 students explored the museum's exhibits with keen eyes and inquisitive minds, soaking up as much knowledge as possible to help them formulate ideas for their presentations. Here are some of their reflections on the experience:

  • "I think the National History Museum was fun. I liked the staircase of mirrors, the Albert Einstein exhibit, and the music. In the Egyptian part, I liked all the swords and the books. It was cool to see Albert Einstein's life and the equation E=MC2. The experience was cool!" - Eric. 
  • "One of the most fascinating things I saw was a tiny curved knife covered in diamonds. We saw Egyptian artifacts, ancient weapons, and some of Einstein's belongings (like his bed)." - Clarissa.
  • "I think the trip to the museum was fun, and I learned a lot about everything there. I liked the part about Albert Einstein the most and loved walking through the weird and confusing mirror room to get there. I saw an interesting gas mask. I learned that Albert Einstein was part Jewish, and I never knew he had a wife or son. I liked listening to music and exploring with my friends." - Sofia. 
  • "I enjoyed the swords room at the beginning of the tour and the Tutankhamun exhibit. Then we went to the Albert Einstein exhibit. My favorite part was the staircase, with mirrors everywhere. Then we saw his theory that the speed of light could go around the world in 300,000 km." - Junior. 
  • "In the museum, I learned how to make sentences easy to understand and more interesting. Also, it was fun because I could understand what it was about if it was in English, so it made me want to know more about it. I liked it because it was mostly so interesting." - Rei.

They left wanting to see more and inspired to work on their Exhibition!

  • Primary School

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