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Outdoor Education Camps Week

With a location at the heart of Europe, the International School of Berne takes full advantage of the world-famous natural landmarks that surround us. At the beginning of each school year, we take students on outdoor educational trips across Switzerland. As a result, students benefit from an exceptional learning experience that is not otherwise possible during the regular academic programme. 

These camps are an integral and crucial part of student life at our school and all students in Grades 3 and higher are expected to participate. Upon returning, students are invigorated and ready to start the school year with new friends.

Grades 3 -5 

Grades 3-5 head to the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland, where they participate in an alpine camp run by Lovell Camps. Our teachers also attend for extra supervision and continuity of learning. Not only have the students had an extraordinary experience outdoors, but they also gained confidence and built friendships.

Grades 6 - 10 

Grades 6-8 head to Les Crosets, Switzerland, to a camp run by Camp Suisse. Grades 9-10 head to the Valais region of Switzerland to a camp organised by Les Elfes. During their camps, the students face several physical challenges, such as long hikes, bike rides, climbing, ropes courses and much more.  These activities are designed to challenge students to push past perceived limits, draw on their resourcefulness, and bond through teamwork. 

Grades 11 - 12

Our oldest students face a challenging year ahead. This week of activities will teach them the skills to succeed in the year to come while also fostering camaraderie. Peer support is an invaluable asset to have while working through their final years of High School. As such, ISBerne encourages students to work together and support each other to achieve.

Ski and Skate Fridays

For more than thirty years, 'Ski and Skate Fridays' have been a special tradition at the International School of Berne. Over seven weeks during the Winter, students in all grades participate in skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating.