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Each day brings new excitement and energy to the International School of Berne (ISBerne). There are clubs and activities to enjoy, new friends to meet, and new ways to serve the community. Of course, no two classes are ever completely alike, and no two menus in the cafeteria are ever quite the same. Still, daily life at ISBerne falls into familiar patterns and rhythms. It is easy to feel comfortable here; it is easy to feel at home.

While academic life is paramount at ISBerne, there is so much more to each day than the time spent in the classroom. The holistic educational programme at our school goes well beyond academics, and covers wellbeing, language support, and much more. Students participate in an array of arts, sports teams, after school activities, and school-sponsored activities such as our outdoor education camps and the Ski and Skate Fridays.

No matter your child's interests or abilities, age, or experience, ISBerne offers new opportunities for learning, development, and fun. The ISBerne Bears are more than just students; they are activists, athletes, actors, and authors. Whatever your child's passion, there is probably a way to indulge it at ISBerne.

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