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Outdoor education is a component of the ISBerne curriculum across the grades. Through camps and excursions, the Outdoor Education programme takes advantage of the last warm rays of summer and launches the new academic year in a spirit of camaraderie!

PYP Outdoor Education Camp

Grades 3-5 head to the Valais region where they participate in an alpine camp run by the professional organisation, Les Elfes. ISBerne teachers also attend for extra supervision and to ensure that the IB learner profile attitudes are promoted throughout the week. The children return from camp having had an extraordinary camp experience as well as gaining confidence among, and building friendships with, their classmates.

MYP Outdoor Education Camp

Our MYP students, Grades 6-10, also go to a camp. Their camp is run by the professional organisation, Village Camps. The MYP students face a number of physical challenges during their camp. Long hikes, and bike rides, spelunking, canoeing and cooking meals outdoors. These activities are designed to challenge students to push past perceived limits, draw on their resourcefulness and to forge bonding through teamwork. Students return invigorated (yet tired!) ready to start the new school year with new friends.

DP Activity Week

DP students face a challenging year ahead. Whether starting the DP or finishing it, the work is daunting. This week of activities is designed to teach the skills they will need to succeed in the year to come, while also fostering camaraderie and a sense of unity among the students. Peer support is an invaluable asset to have while working through the programme and as such, ISBerne encourages students to work together and support each other to achieve.

Forest Days

Students in ELC1 – Grade 2 take regular excursions to the nearby woods throughout the year. They do various activities from collecting leaves and investigating the wildlife, to building shelters and snowmen. They evaluate the changes during the seasons and learn about the cycle of life. Read this news post to learn more about the Outdoor Education approach for the ELC.

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