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Bridging Year in English


The Bridging Year in English is a unique opportunity for students who have completed obligatory schooling in the Swiss education system to do, in essence, a “year abroad in English” without leaving Switzerland! At the end of obligatory education in Swiss schools, students may choose to continue into a tertiary level school or follow a transition option, including a bridging year of study (Brückenangebot / Passerelle) at ISBerne.

A year at ISBerne will give students a broad education offered in English and, upon successful completion, students are eligible to transition into one of the Diploma Programmes offered at ISBerne which give direct access to universities around the world, or they may continue their path into the Swiss tertiary education system. For an overview of how this year fits into the Swiss education system, see this chart.

MYP Curriculum Framework

Students who enroll into the Bridging Year will join Grade 10 to follow the final year of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP), (Grade 10). The overall framework of the MYP programme provides students with a holistic learning experience through a balanced curriculum and academic challenge. It fosters student autonomy, voice and choice while developing conceptual understandings and the connection between learning in the classroom and the real world. This approach is visible in the MYP personal project, a primary component of Grade 10, which is an in-depth study of an area of the student’s choice. The programme is renowned for preparing students for tertiary education.

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ISBerne currently offers the following subjects to Grade 10 students:

English, French, German, mathematics, integrated sciences, history, geography, visual art, drama/theatre arts, music, physical and health education.

MYP students also engage in Service as Action, a requirement that develops their awareness of local and global issues and their commitment to helping others. In Grade 10, the final year of the MYP, students complete the Personal Project, an independent piece of work in an area of personal interest.

Students learn through the MYP Global Contexts:

  • Identities and relationships
  • Orientation in space and time
  • Personal and cultural expression
  • Scientific and technical innovation
  • Globalization and sustainability
  • Fairness and development

Language Support

Students in the Bridging Year programme will receive extra English as an Additional Language support to more rapidly improve their proficiency in English, as the language of instruction, enabling them to access the curriculum confidently.

Features of Grade 10 in the MYP


ISBerne believes that language is at the heart of learning since learning additional languages enhances cognitive development and promotes international understanding and opportunities. Students in the Bridging Year may continue their studies of German or French as well as receive extra support in English, if required, to better access the curriculum of MYP Grade 10. To enroll in MYP Grade 10, a student must have a B2 level of English. In order to ensure attainment of this level, students may be interested to prepare by taking our After school English or enrolling in our Kickstart English Summer Camp.

Service as Action

Service as Action is an integral part of the MYP and of life at ISBerne. It starts in the classroom and extends beyond it. Students are encouraged to find ways to apply the philosophy and learning acquired at ISBerne to make a positive contribution to their community, acting locally to influence globally.

The Arts

ISBerne appreciates and values the Arts and embraces creativity through the curriculum to include Visual Arts such as drawing, painting, sculpture and design and the Performing Arts comprising music and theatre. We believe that students should nurture their artistic passions and interests and we take every opportunity to promote and exhibit student work.

Outdoor Education

At the beginning of the academic year, all ISBerne students in grades 6 – 10 go on an Outdoor Education trip with their class to learn more about Switzerland and each other over a week-long educational bonding experience. Due to the mobile nature of our international families, we start every school year with nearly 20% new students from around the world. These camps facilitate the quick forging of friendships to get the year off to a successful start.

Ski Fridays

During the winter season, the MYP participates in our Ski Friday programme. Grade 10 may choose skiing or snowboarding. All students are taught by professional instructors and are supervised by ISBerne staff. Students, teachers and even some parents hop on to our own chartered train to the mountains, affectionately termed our own ‘Hogwarts Express’!  This programme enhances not only our outstanding sports programme, but also our balanced approach to education and learning outside of the classroom. Ski Fridays are, not surprisingly, a favourite of ISBerne students.  Read more about the Ski & Skate Programme.

Extra-Curricular Activities

ISBerne appreciates and values a holistic approach to learning and offers students opportunities to go beyond the curriculum to pursue their passions. The After School Activity programme gives students opportunities to express and develop their artistic talents through theatrical productions including acting, singing and set design, participation in band and improvised music sessions or by contributing to Yearbook design and production. Students also have opportunities to pursue their athletic passions by participating in our SGIS competitive sports teams, football, basketball, swimming and more.


Grade 10 Personal Project

MYP English teacher, Sandra Müller, has been guiding ISBerne Grade 10 students through the Personal Project for many years. Listen as she, and a few students, share what the Personal Project, the culminating work of the MYP, is about.

From the Bridging Year to a University pathway…

Upon successful completion of the MYP Grade 10 bridging year, students may choose to follow the world-recognised IB Diploma Programme (IB DP) or the ISBerne Diploma in lieu of a Swiss Matura programme. The International Baccalaureate Diploma gives direct access to universities around the world and the ISBerne Diploma gives access to universities in the U.S. The Diploma Programmes require fluency in English as well as perseverance and resilience.  Read more about the Diploma Programme…

Compare the IB Diploma and the Swiss Matura here.


ISBerne is truly international and yet homey.

My child is really enjoying the school. I think the Middle Years’ Program brings students out of the “child stage” and into the “teenager stage” quite well.

ISBerne is perfect; everything works well!

Having joined less than a year ago, my child is happy to go to school every day and is making great progress academically, showing greater confidence and skills development.

My daughter loves school, and I have not once heard her complain about school and the environment. She has NEVER encountered bullying or disruptive behavior in class.

The teachers are very easily reached at break times and via email to provide feedback on assignments. They have been an incredible support system!

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