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What are the benefits?

The Grade 10 Bridging Year Programme at the International School of Berne (ISBerne) gives teenagers a broad education offered in English. Upon successful completion of a year at our school, students will be eligible to transition into one of our Diploma Programmes, which give direct access to universities around the world, or they may continue their path into the Swiss education system.

Here are some additional benefits of participating in our Grade 10 Bridging Year or 10th School Year:

Language Learning

ISBerne believes that language is at the heart of learning because learning additional languages enhances cognitive development and supports international understanding and opportunities. Students in the Bridging Year can continue their studies in German or French and receive additional support in English as needed to better access the MYP Grade 10 curriculum.

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An ISBerne Certificate

Participants will receive a Certificate of successful completion of a year of study and immersion in English at our accredited International Baccalaureate School. This certificate is an ISBerne-validated recognition of the student's English language proficiency and is an asset in any application for secondary schools or apprenticeships.


Outdoor Education

At the beginning of each academic year, students participate in an Outdoor Education trip to learn more about their classmates, Switzerland, and themselves over a week-long educational bonding experience. In addition, students frequently go on excursions to deepen their learning in their subject matter outside of their classrooms.

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Ski and Skate Fridays

During the Winter season, the Grade 10 takes part in our Ski and Skate Friday programme. Over a seven-week period,  students will go skiing or snowboarding in the Alps.  They are taught by professional instructors at the world-famous Zweisimmen resort.

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Sports and Arts

ISBerne offers students the opportunity to pursue their passions, whether it be Art, Music or Theater.

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Students also have the opportunity to participate in sports competitions for Soccer, Basketball, Swimming, and more, where they have the opportunity to participate in tournaments throughout Switzerland.

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International Networking

At ISBerne, students learn about cultures from around the world - an experience that teaches them firsthand the importance of intercultural understanding. Lifelong global relationships are forged at ISBerne. These relationships are highly valued by ISBerne graduates and are beneficial in their future endeavors.

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Use this form to get in touch with our Grade 10 Bridging Year Team. We would like to support you through your decision making process and provide you all the information you may need. Otherwise, please call us at +41 31 959 1000 during regular business hours. Our team speaks English, German and French. We look forward to hearing from you!
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