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Swiss Matura or the IB Diploma?

Know your options!

Both the Swiss Matura and the International Baccalaureate Diploma are certifications of an excellent education. We congratulate you for being in the position to assess your options and choose the best path forward for your, or your child’s, education. Below we provide a direct, at-a-glance comparison of the strengths of each Diploma so you may make an informed decision.


Swiss Matura

3-5 years


  • 13 Core Subjects
    (3 languages)
  • A primary and secondary focus of study is selected for which a thesis is required.
  • 2-3 required supplemental Courses

Officially recognised in Switzerland:
The Matura grants direct access to universities and colleges of education in Switzerland.

The language of instruction:
German, French or Italian (School/Canton dependant)

Bilingual Option
(School/Canton dependant)

Entrance requirements:
Exams, interviews, past grades, and teacher referrals can all be required to enter the programme. Canton dependant.

You may read more about the Swiss Matura, here.

International Baccalaureate Diploma

2 years.


  • 6 Subjects
    (2 languages)
  • 3 core components
    -Theory of knowledge
    -The Extended Essay
    -Creativity, Activity & Service

Officially recognised in Switzerland and globally.
The IB Diploma grants direct access to universities and colleges of education around the world.

The language of instruction:

Bilingual Option
English/German or English/French
(English/mother tongue option also available)

Entrance requirements:
Transcripts, interview and C1 English level required to enter the programme.

You may read more about the IBDP here.

In addition to the IBDP

All students at ISBerne who graduate with the IBDP also receive the ISBerne Diploma, an accredited U.S. High School Diploma. Students who are interested in attending the U.S.A can choose to study only for the ISBerne Diploma, which follows the same curriculum as the IBDP but has modified requirements resulting in a lighter work-load. The ISBerne Diploma, combined with your grades and your S.A.T. score, grant you access to universities and colleges in North American colleges and Universities.

ISBerne is a European testing centre for the SAT, which is required for application to U.S. universities.

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