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A year abroad without leaving Switzerland!


The ISBerne Bridging Year is an exciting opportunity for students exiting obligatory schooling in Switzerland to take a ‘year abroad’ without leaving Switzerland!

At ISBerne students will deepen their English language competency, broaden their education base and experience a rich tapestry of cultures, all while still living at home.

What a 10th Year at ISBerne offers:

An ISBerne 10th Year Certificate

Certification of the successful completion of a year of study and immersion in English at an accredited IB School. This certificate is ISBerne-validated recognition of students’ achievement of English competency and is an asset in any application for further education or apprenticeships.


Intercultural Network

A traditional year abroad gives a cultural view of one country. At ISBerne, students share cultures from around the globe; an experience that teaches, first-hand, the meaning of inter-cultural understanding. Life-long global relationships are forged at ISBerne. These relationships are cherished by ISBerne alumni and serve useful as they pursue future endeavours.

Qualify to enrol in the ISBerne Diploma Programme

With the achievement of a C1 level in English, students can enrol in the ISBerne Diploma Programme, an international equivalent to the Swiss Matura. Students who graduate from our Diploma Programme can usually transition directly to universities around the world!

Outdoor Education

ISBerne students participate in a start-of-year camp, to connect with their peers, as well as spending seven Fridays in winter skiing or snowboarding.

Sports and Activities

ISBerne offers students opportunities to pursue their passions be it art, music or theatre. Students also have opportunities to participate in competitive sports teams; football, basketball, swimming and more, where they have the opportunity to compete in tournaments across Switzerland.

Lunch on Campus

Students stay at school for lunch. This increases the opportunities for forging relationships by eating and relaxing together. They may purchase wholesome freshly prepared food, or enjoy their meal from home in our on-site cafeteria.

Additional Support

Transcripts and recommendations upon request

ISBerne will provide transcripts and a letter of recommendation, if requested, to supplement their CV and portfolio.

University Advising

ISBerne students have access to an advisor for guidance regarding options in further study.


My child is really enjoying the school. I think the Middle Years’ Program brings students out of the “child stage” and into the “teenager stage” quite well.

ISBerne is perfect; everything thing works well!

My daughter loves school, and I have not once heard her complain about school and the environment. She has NEVER encountered bullying or disruptive behavior in class.

Having joined less than a year ago, my child is happy to go to school every day and is making great progress academically, showing greater confidence and skills development.

The teachers are very easily reached at break times and via email to provide feedback on assignments. They have been an incredible support system!

ISBerne is truly international and yet homey.

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