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The International School of Berne Foundation (ISBerne Foundation) provides money for scholarships to attend the International School of Berne as well as other private schools within Switzerland and for post-secondary education at institutions within and outside of Switzerland.

The Scholarship award is determined by the Foundation Board and is based on the academic promise of the student and the financial need of the family.

Scholarships are awarded for a portion of the tuition fees charged by the school of choice.

About The Fund

The ISBerne Foundation was founded in 2011 subsequent to the purchase of the International School of Berne, from the ISBerne Parent Teacher Association (PTA), by a USA based education company. The ownership of the campus land was not part of the sale and was put into an independent fund held in trust by the ISBerne Foundation.

ISBerne does not manage the ISBerne Foundation. The ISBerne Foundation is independent of the International School of Berne AG as an independent legal entity with its own purpose and responsibilities. The monies generated by the properties in the fund are managed by the ISBerne Foundation Board of Directors, comprised of independent local representatives.

The aim of the ISBerne Foundation is the promotion of the academic and scientific development of children, adolescents and young adults whose families are not in a position to finance initial education at a school in the Mittelland Region or an institute of higher education in Switzerland or outside of Switzerland. Thus, ISBerne Foundation does not only support students who wish to attend ISBerne.

How To Apply

For details on how to apply for a Foundation Scholarship, please see the Foundation website.


Please send all applications and or questions to:

International School of Berne Foundation
CH – 3073

Telephone: ++41 58 249 76 00

Fax: ++41 58 249 76 17



General Enquiry about ISBerne

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