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Parents Praise ISBerne’s Distance Learning

Sometimes I have to go help my parents on the Alp, but school goes with me!

ISBerne Grade 9 Student

With the recent COVID-19 world crisis, ISBerne teachers and students were needed to quickly transition to Distance Learning. With school closure being announced late on a Friday afternoon, teachers met on Monday for a briefing of the situation and targeted training with our IT Integrator, and other teaching experts, Tuesday was a day dedicated to final preparation for distance learning and by Wednesday, school was in session – from home! Feedback from parents and students has been overwhelmingly positive which is very encouraging for the school and the teachers who face the unusual challenge of working remotely.

Our Parents say it best:

  • Thank you for all of the efforts by the teachers. It was a quick change to go from face to face learning to digital learning.
  • I am AMAZED and incredibly impressed by the teachers and staff: we are in touch with friends all over the globe, and ISBerne has handled changes to distance learning EXCEPTIONALLY WELL.
  • Wonderful work done by teachers and the school staff to make the digital learning a reality so fast! We are impressed and the children love the feedback they get. I know it will be a challenge and many more days to come, but just wanted you to know that we appreciate all the efforts done by ISBerne!
  • We have a full day of school every day! Thank you for putting so much effort in our kids so that they can keep on learning even though they are just in ELC and Grade 1. Very different than [what is happening in our home country.] We are feeling blessed to be a part of ISBerne

The virtual classroom has been a growth experience for teachers. ISBerne teachers have been utilising the wide variety of practical tools found on Google Suites to connect with students during the distance learning programme. The live video feed offers a unique view of students, their engagement and level of focus that the teachers are able to experience from a new perspective.

Teacher comment:

I just had my first hangout with my Advisory class. 18 of them joined. It was so nice to see and hear them. It genuinely lifted my mood. (I could see) their personalities shining through their comments and photos they post.

We went through expectations and clarified questions. It was a great opportunity for them to see and talk to each other as well. I will definitely request a live check-in for my other classes.

-MYP German Teacher

Students also are self-organizing virtual meet-ups amongst themselves for work sessions and group projects. Feedback from our secondary school students has been positive, finding the challenges of Distance Learning similar to homework and group work under normal circumstances. However, all students, especially the younger students, find the lack of in-person socialising challenging.

In short, it’s been a good programme, and the education continues, but it seems everyone will be happy to be back on campus soon. Latest government announcement has stated May 11. Only three weeks to go!

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