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Theatre Arts

Behind the Scenes: “Whose class is this Anyway?”

As we continue to develop and enhance the Theatre Arts curriculum here at ISBerne, we strive to ensure that the students are given every opportunity to excel and succeed. This year, the Grade 9/10 Theatre Arts class have been studying the skills needed to effectively improvise and perform with only a single stimulus to drive their performance. To do this they have been taught important skills like: active listening, association, agreement, conviction, structure and sustaining. If you’re familiar with the television, “Whose Line is it Anyway?”, then you’ll have a rough idea what a typical Theatre Arts class looks like for Grade 9 and 10. 

Recently, we have had the pleasure to welcome one of our teachers: Ms Charitini Karadamou (who has a background in ballet and contemporary dance) into the Black Box to deliver a therapeutic movement class to get the students more in touch with their inner core and to try to associate movement with a narrative.  The students worked together in groups to use guided movement to create characters and develop a storyline. 

Through this class, the students have learned to trust each other physically, which has helped to break down some of the perceived barriers which often occurs with young actors in terms of developing self-confidence and letting go of some of their insecurities in performance.

Thanks to Ms Karadamou for exposing the students to a new level of performance and to the students for being open-minded enough to allow her to expand their thespian horizons!

Gray Galloway

Theatre Arts teacher

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