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Spotlight On: ELC Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education in the ELC

The ELC (Early Learning Centre) has a unique approach to Outdoor Education. While the older ISBerne students start off the year at Outdoor Education Week camps, the ELC spreads their Outdoor Education across the school year with numerous excursions to support this learning.

Recently, ELC1 and ELC2 students have been learning about seasons and how they affect the world around us as part of their ongoing ‘Where we are in place and time’ unit of inquiry. This has been a wonderful opportunity to take learning outdoors and to explore the world outside of school and around us in Bern.

The students visited a local farm shop to see what had been growing. They brought apples and pumpkins back with them and then used these for inquiries back at school. As well as preparing delicious snacks they also developed their fine motor skills through cutting and peeling and explored maths concepts such as counting, measuring, dividing and length.

The local forest is a rich environment for the students to explore the changing seasons and this is a place that they will revisit throughout the year. Through these visits they can develop physical skills such as coordination and balance, they can make art using what is around them and they will be able to observe carefully and see how the plants in the forest change during the year.

The students also went on a visit to the Rosengarten in Bern. This was an opportunity to see a different environment and one that has been developed and curated by people. This was an opportunity to explore the sights, sounds and smells in the Rosengarten. It was also an opportunity to explore Bern and to learn how to travel on trams and buses.

All of these rich learning experiences allow the children to develop a better understanding of the world around them and to connect this to their learning in the classroom and at home. Our ELC team –  Ms Desta, Ms Jan, Ms Cristina and Mr Dave – is supported by parents in making these trips out of the classroom possible.

By Dom Thomas, PYP Coordinator

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