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2017-2018 End Of Year

And so we come to the close…

What a time to be at ISBerne!

We’ve settled into our new campus, celebrated our First Birthday, seen a wonderful expansion to our co-curricular activities programmes and significant roll growth!

This roll growth, combined with the regular turnover associated with international schools, means around one in every three families knows no other campus but our present one, and next year that number will be over 60%!

So how do we retain a sense of who we are, what ISBerne’s sense of itself is?

Perhaps the answer to that lies in the very successful way students, families and staff are welcomed into the ISBerne community.

Our school community, and the Parent Teacher Committee (PTC) for example, do a great job in creating a warm, supportive sense of community, underpinned by a large number of activities on offer that encourage engagement.

Coffee mornings, sport and cultural activities, family events such as Bingo night, the Ski & Skate programme, amongst a host of others, encourage new families to settle quickly.

The consequence of this is a community that is robust in the face of constant change, with school values shared through constant interaction.

I’ve had a marvellous opportunity to assist in some of these changes, including the shift to this campus, and managing a roll that has grown from 286 students 4 years ago to over 370 at the end of this year.

This has required flexibility and support, innovation and creativity on the part of my colleagues, and a special ‘Thank You’ to them for the manner in which they have embraced these changes.

Niki and I are off on new adventures next year. What remains true for all our international families is that each year brings new adventures for all of us, and I’m sure you are looking forward to yours too.

My best wishes to the ISBerne community as they continue to provide ‘Education for Life, in the Heart of Switzerland’.

Best Wishes,

Richard Swart, Director

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