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Grade 9… Table for 9 Interdisciplinary Day

Interdisciplinary days are an exciting event at ISBerne… merging areas of learning, teachers take students on selected outings and activities to deepen their understanding of what they have learned in various subjects.

Grade 9 is working on food as its current unit of inquiry in Humanities and the interdisciplinary days were an opportunity to work on a project that utilised Humanities and two other disciplines, namely Mathematics and Science.

Two groups prepared a meal for 9 guests, served on Friday lunchtime.

Each group had a budget of CHF120 and mathematics was needed to keep within budget as well as dealing with weights and measures (often recipes were for 4 people and had to be scaled up to 9).

Biology was needed to write a nutrition report that covered the fat, protein, carbohydrate and vitamin content of the dishes prepared.

Guests were requested to complete an evaluation after the meal and the winning team members each received a wooden spoon!

See our photograph gallery on Flickr for pictures.

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