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Grade 7 Like The Romans Interdisciplinary Trip

Interdisciplinary days are an exciting event at ISBerne… merging areas of learning, teachers take students on selected outings and activities to deepen their understanding of what they have learned in various subjects.

Grade 7 travelled to Augusta Raurica and Vindonissa for some hands-on history of the Roman Empire and to practice their German language skills.

At Augusta Raurica, they toured a replica of a Roman house and bath, tested the acoustics of an amphitheatre and explored a real, underground Roman sewer.

At Vindonissa, they donned the battle gear of a Legionary and learned to fight and march like a Roman soldier.

They put their language skills to the test with an all-German tour of a Roman barracks and officers’ quarters.

According to students, some of the most memorable moments were: learning commands in Latin, watching a video of archaeologists digging up a 2000-year-old lead coffin and learning to march in formation with shields up to protect your legion from spears and arrows.

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