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Grade 6 Freiburg im Breisgau Interdisciplinary Trip

Interdisciplinary days are an exciting event at ISBerne… merging areas of learning, teachers take students on selected outings and activities to deepen their understanding of what they have learned in various subjects.

Grade 6 recently travelled to Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany) on Thursday 24th May, where they had the chance to practice their German skills at the local market.

Students commented that it was so much fun to make decisions about what to buy by themselves, how good the strawberries tasted and how delicious their bratwursts were.

This was followed by a treasure-hunt, that involved finding a lost sheep, using map skills, looking for clues, using all five senses as well as UV torches, and ultimately using team-work to solve tricky riddles.

The students were rewarded with a cold drink at the end, before having a wander around Freiburg or grabbing an ice-cream before heading home.

Report By Ava Hettenhausen:

What an amazing day. Today grade six students took their interdisciplinary field trip to Freiburg, Germany.

Starting off the wonderful day, they went to the Münsterplatz Markt in Freiburg. Their task, challenge, here was to purchase a fruit or vegetable in german.

Students used what they had learned in the unit of food in Frau Kaplangi’s German class. “Guten Morgen/Tag. Ich möchte einen Apfel bitte…Das ist alles, Was kostet das?…Auf Wiedersehen!”

Grade 6 students used this dialogue to make their purchase and were quite delighted when they tasted the deliciously sweet fruit.

After finishing their fruit, they took in all of the beauty and intricate architecture in the Münster where some students lit prayer candles.

After they had visited the Münster, they went on a scavenger hunt called ‘Shafstour’.

The students used their map reading skills they acquired in their Humanities class taught by Mr Loud and Ms Schmidt, to find their way around Freiburg.

The students used clues to try and find very well-hidden items that would give them the clue to where the next item is hidden. They had to look high and low for the items and found it quite hard, but with teamwork, they were able to find them no problem! After hard work and determination, they finally finished the scavenger hunt and went back to the Münsterplatz to enjoy a scoop, or two, of ice cream.

The Grade 6 students finished the day off with a last good look around Freiburg, Germany, and bought their own souvenirs.

The students had a great day and would like to thank their advising teachers that came along for the enjoyable day:
Mr Wallace, Mrs Ramirez, Frau Wostanis, Frau Kaplangi and Mrs Norriesch.

Thanks for all of your hard work to make this trip as fun as it could possibly be!

See our photograph gallery on Flickr for pictures of the trip.

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