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Grade 2 & Grade 3 Spring Class Trips

Grade 2 Apple

The Grade 2’s and 3’s went to Zurich last week, to the Bahnhofstrasse and the Glattzentrum Apple locations, to learn about how technology can help us take action and spread messages.

This trip was organized for their Unit of Inquiry: “Technology is an integral element of our lives”.

The Grade 2’s completed a workshop about Pages and how to create posters to spread awareness, and the Grade 3s completed a workshop on clips for how to create music and podcasts.

The students enjoyed all of the workshops and even came home with some goodies from Apple!

Grade 3 to the Gravel Pits!

Grade 3 spent an exciting day at the Lernort Kiesgrube in Rubigen.

This outing followed on the How the World Works Unit of Inquiry and was done in anticipation of the Sharing the Planet Unit.

There was a workshop led by a Herpetologist where the children performed a work assignment to help restore the natural area.

Many thanks to Lyn Allen for joining us and being a great help on our adventurous day.

Student Quotes:

“Then Severin (the herpetologist) took the snake out of the tray it was in. He told us that it was a female. Then we were allowed to touch the snake. Suddenly it stank very bad. “What is that smell?” everyone asked. Severin said the snake is like a skunk so when it feels attacked, it stinks so the predators think it is rotten.” Soraya

“The frogs were all in the middle of the pond when I saw a snake. I tried to be as quiet as I could and boom….. I caught it!” Riccardo

“We made ponds for a rare, endangered toad called the yellow-bellied toad. They only exist in the gravel pits around the canton of Berne. My group and I used pickaxes and shovels to dig ponds for them. We found quite a few earthworms and the odd ant. One of the groups dug until they found water. Using the tools was great!” Amaia

“We were doing jobs and we had to cut down trees for paths for us and for wildlife and we cut bushes as well.”

“My achievement is that I finally used a pickaxe. I thought that pickaxes are used for mining, but I learned that not just shovels can dig, but also pickaxes. Shovels can dig much faster than pickaxes but they’re much heavier.” Lionel

“We got tools for digging like a pickaxe and a shovel. Riccardo, Abudi and I, dug. It was very hard and we used all our energy and even sweated when it was going to rain. At a moment Riccardo saw a humungous stone. We asked our guide Allen and because he was an expert, in less than 10 seconds he removed it. It looked like a gigantic bone. We dug more and more and suddenly I found water, I felt so happy. We jumped and jumped so much we fell down. At the end Abudi, Riccardo and I felt proud a lot.” Julian

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