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Grade 10 Energiezentrale Forsthaus Interdisciplinary Trip

Interdisciplinary days are an exciting event at ISBerne… merging areas of learning, teachers take students on selected outings and activities to deepen their understanding of what they have learned in various subjects.

As part of the MYP interdisciplinary unit, Grade 10 visited Energiezentrale Forsthaus to learn about alternative energy sources to nuclear power.

While nuclear energy is more environmentally friendly than some other sources of energy, such as coal, it produces harmful nuclear waste that is difficult and expensive to store, which is why the Forsthaus uses wood, gas and rubbish to produce energy.

During our visit, we saw different parts of the plant that have specific functions in the energy production. For example, we were shown the wood storage and the area in which it is burned in order to produce energy and pipes in which water is heated by gas.

We also saw a large room filled with rubbish that had different compartments in which the contents would be burned later.

The room had a large claw-like piece of equipment that is used to mix the rubbish between the compartments based on the amount of energy the rubbish would release in the burning process.

The trip was very informative and gave the grade 10s a real insight into how our energy is produced in a more sustainable way.

The tour was well run and the whole of grade 10 is very thankful for the eye-opening opportunity to see what exactly goes into the process generating energy sustainably.

See our photograph gallery on Flickr for pictures of the trip.

By Madeleine Rastedt

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