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Grades 4 & 5 Visit Parliament… And Meet The President!

On Monday 7 May, Grades 4 & 5 and a group of our parents had a field trip to the Parliament House in downtown Berne.

We visited to understand the function and procedures of the Swiss Parliament in conjunction with our previous Unit of Inquiry on government systems around the world.

A big “thank you” needs to be given to Veronique Haller who was able to organise an audience with the President, Alain Berset!

The students were curious, as usual, as exemplified by the array of commentary below:

“The first room was huge and on the ceiling were stained glass windows representing all the Cantons of Switzerland except for Jura which was not added until 1978.”

“The four stone statues represented the four languages of Switzerland; Italian, German, French and Romantsch.”

“We waited some minutes outside and then we went through security. It was like being in an airport.”

“I first thought that there were going to be secretaries running after their bosses and paper flying around. It wasn`t, it was actually very quiet and we hardly saw anyone.”

“I was excited and nervous especially as my jeans had green spots on them which were very easily seen. They were as round as a ball, the perfect way to meet the President!!!”

“Meeting the President was amazing!!!! He was kind and funny!”

“I thought the president was very nice, spoke really good English and had a good sense of humour.”

See our photograph gallery on Flickr for pictures of the visit to Parliament.

From the PTC:

A Fabulous Night!

Last night, parents, teachers and friends of ISBerne enjoyed a very informative tour of the Swiss Parliament.

We were expertly guided through the workings of the Swiss Political System and the beautiful parliament building by the former President of the National Council, Christa Markwalder.

After the tour, we enjoyed a fantastic ‘apéro riche’, complete with pulled pork canapés, beautiful curry and much more! The meal was kindly hosted by Nicole Loeb and Lorenz Furrer, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

It really was a fabulous evening.

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