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PYP Exhibition 2018

Congratulations Grade 5!

Our Grade 5 students have presented their PYP Exhibitions to the ISBerne community.

The PYP Exhibition is an opportunity for our G5 students to explore issues and topics of interest and relevance to them. The students worked individually, in pairs and in groups to inquire into and explore diverse areas.

The students shared their Exhibitions with poise and passion.

In the build-up to Thursday evening, the students had opportunities to refine their presentations by sharing with other PYP and MYP students. The thought and energy they had put into the process were clear and they are to be commended for this.

The full list of their inquiries – Fair Trade, Fast Fashion, Tech Addiction, Animation, Virtual Reality, Immigration, Tech Use, Animal Rights, Ramadan, Stress, Moving, Refugees, Loneliness, Ozone, Conflict, Family and Access – highlights the breadth of their collective interests and passions.

The students had deep personal connections to their Exhibitions and showed courage and bravery in their willingness to engage in these issues.

They demonstrated a great vulnerability in being honest and open about their own experiences and trusted that their peers and the community would react with empathy and understanding.

It was clear that the students had researched their topics thoroughly, and in a variety of ways, and were able to support their presentations with facts, data and evidence. The students were able to make connections to the learning of other students and were able to draw on each other as a resource.

Many members of the whole school community supported them in various ways – people were mentors, experts, answered surveys, were interviewed, helped the students make connections to others, gave their time and resources and guided the students in a host of ways.

In particular, the students were guided through the Exhibition by their Grade 5 homeroom teachers, Mr Cavanna and Ms Reilly, who worked tirelessly alongside the students.

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