Creativity, action, service (CAS) is at the heart of the Diploma Programme. It is one of the three essential elements in every student’s Diploma Programme. The three strands of CAS, which are interwoven with particular activities, are characterized as follows:

Creativity: arts, and other experiences that involve creative thinking.

Activity: physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle, complementing academic work elsewhere in the Diploma Programme.

Service: an unpaid and voluntary exchange that has learning benefit for the student.

CAS enables students to enhance their personal and interpersonal development through experiential learning.

For this development to occur, CAS should involve:

  • real, purposeful activities, with significant outcomes;
  • personal challenge – tasks must extend you and be achievable in scope;
  • thoughtful consideration, such as planning, reviewing progress, reporting;
  • self-reflection on outcomes and personal learning.

The CAS  programme gives students the opportunity to help enrich the lives of others; to actively work towards improving our environment and the world we all share; to discover they can make a difference and to feel the sense of empowerment which comes with this realisation. Through the programme, students are given the opportunity to challenge themselves by setting goals and achieving them and by turning ideas into realities.

For students and parents interested in the details and objectives of the programme, you may read the actual student handbook used in the programme on this page.