Modern Languages

“A different language is a different vision of life” Federico Fellini

“He who does not know foreign languages, does not know anything about his own.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The International School of Berne believes that language is at the heart of learning. It is fundamental to the curriculum as a basic tool of communication that crosses the boundaries of the traditional disciplines and provides access to literature. It is a key means of assimilating our own culture and learning about the cultures of others.

ISBerne also believes that students should have the opportunity to learn one or more foreign languages, as acquisition of more than one language can enhance cognitive development and can contribute to international understanding and to later professional activities.

In a practical sense, our students study both French and German in order to be able to function in their Swiss environment. We hope to instill in them an appreciation of culture and literature, as well as a love of language and language learning. Our language staff are native speakers, who use communicative, inter-active methodologies and try to make lessons fun while developing all four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.