ITC (Information and Communications Technology)

In today’s changing world there is an increased demand and use of information technology in tertiary education, the workplace and at home. In order to ensure that our students are able to meet the challenges posed by this still new and growing field, it is important that we are able to provide a suitable learning environment where students can explore the application and impact of Information & Communications Technology (ICT) on their own lives.

The ICT curriculum at ISBerne provides students with a broad perspective on the nature of technology, how to use and apply a variety of technologies, and the impact of information and communication technologies on themselves and on society.

The ICT curriculum seeks to prepare our students to become competent and confident users of information systems and computer based technology, by providing a wide range of innovative programs in a constructive learning environment where they can develop skill, process and knowledge in the subject area of ICT.

Many of the skills and concepts taught throughout the ICT elective are directly transferable to many of today’s jobs and career paths. ICT is also extensively incorporated in all other subjects taught at the school. The ICT curriculum is not intended to stand alone, but rather to be infused within other curriculum programs.


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