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Children Reading


So many questions, and so many answers! The Elementary Library is full of information to help the inquiring student on their PYP journey. The library is the place to start, whether looking for answers to serious questions such as, “What is breakfast cereal made of?” (wood shavings from your pencil sharpener according to Roald Dahl) or learning about hobbies and interests such as pets, cooking or cars, the library is the place to start!

Reading for fun is a vital part of developing imagination, identity and literacy skills and at ISBerne we have award-winning, classic, and popular fiction and non-fiction to ensure that every student has a good book to read. Links to online databases such as Encyclopaedia Britannica and L’Encylopédie Découverte, as well as links to hundreds of free e-books, can be found in the online catalogue. Mrs van Niekerk, the librarian, welcomes suggestions for new books and other resources in English and other languages and is very happy to hear all about what students like to read in their spare time during weekly library time.

The ELC/Elementary Library is the perfect place to discover something new. Find us on the first floor of the Elementary School Building. We are open to all ISBerne students and parents. We also invite you to take a look at our online catalog and discover print and virtual resources that will engage and delight everyone in the family.

Elementary students may borrow 5 books and 1 DVD for 2 weeks.


We have a new library app enabling you to search and access ISBerne library resources in a way like never before–from both iOS and Android mobile devices. Whether you are looking for books or DVDs, wishing to renew your loans, place a hold (reservation) or even make a list of all the books you’ve read or want to read you can now do this with our free Destiny Quest app. Download the app from www.FollettSoftware.com/DestinyQuestMobile and enter our library address: http://isberne.follettdestiny.com.  You can login with your normal account details or as a guest.  For help or more information please contact: jill.vanniekerk@isberne.ch

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