Early Learning Centre

In the Early Learning Centre we aim to create a safe, secure and highly motivating learning environment that is both warm and inviting. Through a variety of significant, relevant , challenging and engaging learning experiences, both structured and spontaneous, teacher directed and self-directed, children are provided with the opportunity to develop positive attitudes to self and others, to solve problems, to make decisions, to develop confidence, independence and self esteem. They are developing the knowledge, skills, attitudes and understanding that help them learn about themselves, other people and the world around them. The Early Years’ programme builds on what the child already knows and can do and within the framework of a broad, balanced and international curriculum provides the opportunity for them to become active learners and inquirers.

The Primary Years programme supports this as it aims to develop the child as a whole. The programme is child centred and integrated programming evolves naturally. Play features strongly in the programme. Children learn naturally through guided-play so that they can explore, ask questions, invent, construct and solve problems. The learning experiences provided are designed to promote the use of language early concepts of numbers and fine and gross motor skills. The programme provides opportunities and time for the child to explore in a guided play environment with a variety of experiences, materials and equipment to choose from. These activities enhance the children’s love of learning and stimulate their natural curiosity and desire to explore.The children are taught by experienced Early Childhood trained teachers and are supported by teacher assistants who have a sound knowledge of early childhood development. The programme and delivery are flexible and undergo ongoing assessment to meet the needs of the children. The programme is enriched by weekly visits to the gym and library, daily walks to and from the main campus playground and attendance at and active participation in Elementary Assemblies.

The Early Learning Centre is run on five full days (Monday – Friday). The morning sessions are from 08:30 until 12:00 and all day sessions from 8:30 until 15:15.

Your child must have reached the age of three before commencing. We require all children to be ‘dry’ (toilet trained). Acceptance depends upon vacancies in the programme and a waiting list is maintained, if the programme is full. Children enrolled for mornings can move into the afternoon programme at any point in the school year if there is a vacancy and if both parent and teacher feel the child is ready. Once a child is enrolled in the afternoon programme it is for the remainder of the school year. Should you not want to start your child on a 5 full-day programme right away, you may add two or three afternoons to his/her 5 half-day programme and thus build up gradually.

The costs for the different programmes, per term, are outlined on the ISBerne Tuition Fees Form.

If you would like to enrol your child, please complete below Application for Admission together with the ELC choice form, giving details of the programme you would like your child to join, and return them to the school office.

The information you will find on our website is merely a sample of the many possibilities offered at the International School of Berne.

Mr Scott Jackson, ELC/Elementary School Principal