Wednesday Afternoon English Classes

Our Wednesday afternoon English class is for children between the ages of  5 and 12 years old who are currently enrolled in the local Swiss school system and possess a reasonable command of spoken English.

We offer:

  • Communicative language classes based on stories and familiar, high-interest themes
  • Supportive phonics and skills
  • The chance to explore and share in a multicultural environment
  • Extensive library facilities
  • Central location near Gümligen-Siloah tram stop

Classes are offered at two levels of instruction, twice each Wednesday. Classes are held on the new ISBerne campus.

E1 (For ages 5-7 years)

Phonics, rhymes, songs, games, show-and-tell, simple writing exercises, stories, easy readers, Oxford Reading Tree up to stage 6

Wednesdays from 14.45-16.15 or 16.30-18.00

E2 (For ages 7- 12 years)

Different types of text (factual and narrative), writing exercises, lateral thinking puzzles, phonics, library books, Oxford Reading Tree up to stage 15

Wednesdays from 14.45-16.15 or 16.30-18.00


CHF 500.00 per semester; 18 sessions per semester.

First semester starts on 29 August 2018
Second semester starts on 30 January 2019

You commit your child to the whole semester after one try-out session. If you do not wish your child to continue in the next semester, two months withdrawal notice is required.


For questions, please contact Mrs Warren by email:
Or call the main office at +41 31 959 10 00


You may pick up an enrolment form from the main office or download it here:

ISBerne English Programme Enrolment Form 1819

Please send or drop off the form to the main office at:

International School of Berne
Allmendingenweg 9
3073 Gümligen

Fax: +41 31 959 10 01