The ISBerne Community

ISBerne families are connected to a well-established, vibrant school community that provides its families a welcoming, supportive place to belong and connect. ISBerne provides students and their families numerous opportunities to build new relationships through learning, working and socialising together.  School trips, parent volunteers, sports, fundraising and social events for the whole family, are all ways in which relationships commence and our community stays strong.

International Students

It all starts in the classroom where new students will immediately belong to a group of peers from around the world. However, this new international network is not limited to the classroom. ISBerne has been developing a blended-learning model for over three years.  As a result, If students choose to also enroll in an online elective, they will find they are not only connected to their on-campus peers, but a group of ISBerne Online students who are studying across the world!

International Staff

The ISBerne Staff is an impressive and well-qualified group of Faculty and Administrative staff who will stay connected long after graduation. Our staff is drawn from around the world and are not only highly qualified, but generally well-travelled as well. They can provide very welcome advice and support to families just arriving and students ready to venture out into the world after graduation.

International Families

ISBerne has been serving Switzerland’s capital city for decades and is well-known among the many organizations based in the region.  The parents of ISBerne students are comprised of primarily of international professionals, company leaders, and diplomats.  As a member of the ISBerne community, this network of influential people can be very beneficial for parents and students alike.

ISBerne Alumni

ISBerne has a network of alumni working around the world.  As an ISBerne graduate, you will be included in this community, ready to contribute to, and draw from the alumni network.

What are you waiting for?

Time and time again, students who attend international schools look back on their school days and remember the people, relationships, friendships and partnerships that they established at the time.  This network of contacts becomes a strong community of support, presents opportunities both professionally and personally, and is a lasting benefit of attending an international school.  From the moment you enroll in our school your global network will grow.