Autumn Break 16-20 October

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ISBerne is on Autumn break from 16-20 October.

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ISBerne New Campus–Ready for a party!

ISBerne had the privilege of hosting the annual GGBa Night, despite the campus not being totally finished. The Aula, however, the heart of the new campus where the event was held, looked […]


ISBerne wishes all a happy, safe and peaceful winter break.

As we break now for the holiday season, ISBerne wishes all a peaceful and safe break and happy return to school in the new year. The school celebrated the end […]

Thank you to the Canton of Berne

We are extremely grateful for the continued support offered to ISBerne by our Canton, demonstrated in such a concrete manner through the financial contribution to our much-needed relocation project. A […]

Community English Class Enrolment

If you have english speaking children between the ages of 5 and 12 who are enrolled in the local Swiss school system, and you are interested in developing their English […]