ISBerne in Hello Switzerland

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The groundbreaking ceremony was featured in this quarter’s Hello Switzerland. (See page 48). For those who may not know the magazine or website, we highly recommend both. Each are a fabulous […]

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New Campus Update

The foundation has been excavated and poured, and infrastructure for wiring and water are in place. Things are moving along nicely and we have been fortunate with favourable weather conditions so […]

Mr Andreas Rickenbacher,  Minister of Economic Affairs for the Canton of Berne, presided over the ceremony.

It’s Official – Ground Breaking Ceremony marks the beginning of a new era for ISBerne

  Today, August 21st, 2015, the International School of Berne held it’s official Ground Breaking Ceremony. This ceremony followed the Swiss tradition of laying the foundation stone, complete with the […]

New Campus Apéro

. ISBerne is having a New Campus Apéro to share and celebrate the architect’s plans for the new ISBerne Campus! This is an informal celebration, rather spontaneously planned to take […]

New Campus Development!

ISBerne is pleased to announce that the Parliament vote which was held yesterday evening, 19 November, passed! This vote means that the construction of the new campus will begin this spring. […]