The Cafeteria at ISBerne


ISBerne has a full cafeteria open from 7:30-15:30 on school days (Wednesdays until 14:30). The cafeteria is run by SV Restaurant and offers a varied daily menu that always includes a vegetarian option as well as a salad bar, a free-choice hot buffet, sandwiches and more! All food is prepared fresh and on-site with most food being locally sourced and/or organic.

The cafeteria is cashless. Students pay with a student access card that is pre-credited by parents using the Polyright Cashless app or website. The registers accept payment by TWINT or bank card which enables parents to also make purchases from the cafeteria.

For our youngest students, ELC 1-Grade 2, lunches are pre-ordered by parents and delivered to the students at their lunch table. Grades 3-12 have free choice at the cafeteria but are encouraged by staff to assemble a balanced meal.

For more information and to see the current menu of the week, click here: