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Sports at ISBerne

ISBerne is a member of the Swiss Group International Schools (SGIS) Conference.  The SGIS offers various sporting tournaments in age groups from ages 7 – 19.  (SGIS Age Categories) In preparation for the SGIS tournaments, competitive teams will compete in home and away matches and, occasionally, weekend invitational tournaments. To stay updated on the ISBerne Bears,  Read The Sports Page : News to see how our teams are currently doing, check the live sports calendar to see when the next meet, match or tournament will be held, and if you are interested in getting a live feed on games as they are played, enroll and follow us on Twitter at ISBerne Athletics.

The sports are split among three different seasons as follows;

Fall Season

Cross Country (Category A-D)
Football (Boys & Girls, Category A-D)
Volleyball (Girls, Category A)
Tennis (Boys & Girls, Categorey A-D)

Winter Season

Badminton (Boys & Girls, Category A- B)
Basketball (Boys & Girls, Category A-D)
Indoor Football (Boys & Girls, Category E-F)
Swimming (Boys & Girls, Category A-F)

Spring Season

Badminton (Boys & Girls, Category C- D)
Track & Field (Category A-F )
Football (Boys & Girls, Category E-F)