The ASA (After School Activities) programme complements, maintains and develops existing curricula aims and objectives. It gives students access to activities that cannot normally be offered within the framework of the curriculum and offers them challenging, new experiences to enrich their time at ISBerne. The ASA program aims to offer activities for all students, from ELC to Grade 12. Though the course offerings include some athletic options, these are not the same as the competitive sports program  (SGIS) in which students travel and compete as an ISBerne athletic team against other Swiss Group International Schools.

The ASA program is run in three, eight-week cycles. The program offers various one-hour activities, some of which will include costs to participate.  Activities will be offered both on and off campus by teachers and local community professionals. ISBerne offers a broad range of activities to meet the differing needs of the students. The list below is an example of activities that are often available. Each ASA cycle offers something new to try, and not all the classes listed below will be available each cycle.

Basketball (Girls): Grades 6-8
Basketball (Boys): Grades 9-12
Computer Technology: Grades 3-5
Cub Scouts: Grades 1-5
Gymnastics: Grades 1-5
Indian Classical Dance: Grade 1-5
Instrumental String Lessons (Private): Grades 3-4
Martial Arts: Kindergarten-Grade 5
Morocco Expedition Prep: Grades 11-12
Odyssey of the Mind: Grades 3-8
Peace Club: Grades 9-12
Photo Club: Grades 6-12
Pop Music Group: Grades 6-10
Soccer: ELC-Grade 2
Soccer: Grades 3-5
Student Council: Grades 6-12
T-Ball: ELC-Grade 2
Yoga: Grades 3-5
Yoga: Grades 6-12