Gr7 Where are we?

Learning through Action

Be it curricular or extra-curricular, ISBerne offers numerous activities that encourage  learning and growth, and promote community and teamwork. At ISBerne,  we offer an array of competitive and non-competitive sports teams, after school activities, Student Council, Peace Club, as well as school sponsored activities such as our Outdoor Education Week, school trips, and a ski programme. No matter what your interests or abilities, there is sure to be something of interest.

The After School Activities (ASA) programme complements, maintains and develops existing curricula aims and objectives. It provides students access to activities that are not offered within the framework of the curriculum. These programmes offer students challenging, new experiences to enrich their time at ISBerne. The ASA programme is run in three, eight-week cycles. The ASA’s include various activities such as Model United Nations, photography, Cub Scouts, peace club, golf, basketball, football, karate, music, gymnastics, dance and more.  These activities are held once a week for about an hour after school. The ASA sports teams are non-competitive teams, ideal for students who do not wish to commit to the rigors of a competitive SGIS (Swiss Group International Schools) team.  Most activities are organised by a teachers, however, the school also works with the community to offer  special programmes at an additional cost and occasionally held off campus.