Happy 1st Birthday, ISBerne!


Happy 1st Birthday ISBerne!

It’s difficult to believe that we have been in our new campus for a year!  This is a good time for us to reflect on changes in ISBerne over this past year, and to thank those who made our relocation possible.

In particular, I’d like to mention: the Muri Gemeinde for their support for the relocation of ISBerne, following an overwhelmingly positive local referendum; our supporters in Education and Business in the Canton of Berne; ISBerne’s Board of Directors, who were unwaveringly supportive of the need for a campus that better served our students and community; our ISBerne staff. It was a significant task, moving a school over the Easter Holidays, and a special thanks to all my colleagues who worked over those holidays to ensure that the transition was smooth.

I think we can look back and laugh at some of the glitches we encountered as we adjusted to the new building – hindsight provides a bit of perspective. With doors that locked and unlocked, seemingly at their whim, some legendary tech mysteries that had us scratching our heads, and lights that turned off when a class actually sat still long enough, we were kept us busy over the following weeks! Throughout all of this, staff stayed calm and upbeat, focused on providing excellent classroom experiences, and sharing in the communal ‘what next’ of afternoon meetings.

I’m very happy to say that this year has (mostly) been absent of those “teething” issues, and now it feels as though we have been here forever. In fact, around a quarter of our community knows no other ISBerne but this one. I’m sure that our students (and lots of parents) enjoyed the birthday cake last Wednesday!

Best wishes,

Richard Swart, Director

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