Friends of ISBerne

A few of our Parent Power Walkers!

You do not need to be a parent at ISBerne to take part in the numerous activities that our PTC organises. The PTC has a lot of ongoing events in which you can participate and meet new people.

  • Book Club: meeting once a month. Read and discuss books in English
  • Yoga: Mondays at 9:00 at the Bartschihus, Dorfstrasse 14 in Gümligen. A Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga class in English
  • Pilates: Wednesdays at 9:00 at the Bartschihus, Dorfstrasse 14 in Gümligen. Open Level Pilates Mat class, taught in English
  • Power walking group Tuesdays: aerobic walk in Bern.
  • Power walking group Fridays: (suspended during Ski Friday season)
  • Cooking class

If you speak English and would like to get active and meet new people, we invite you to sign up for the Friends of ISBerne Newsletter in order to get all the current details, meeting times and locations. Come join the fun!

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