Swim Team Brings Home Gold…

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…and Silver, and Bronze too!!

SGIS junior swimming championships Gstaad 11 November 2013
ISBerne went with a team of 20 swimmers to compete in this open boy/girl championship for both elementary and secondary students in beautiful Gstaad. Looking over the snowy mountains from inside the pool, we looked and felt great in our swim team uniforms and the spirit was fantastic throughout the day. Anja Rahlenbeck and Philip Schwan won gold medals and also broke the time record in backstroke and butterfly. All swimmers did a really good job and we brought a lot of medals and ribbons home with us.
Category E medley relay: bronze (Joel, max, Sophia, Panos)
Category D medley relay: 4th place ribbon (Ashley, Alison, Anja, Philip)
Cat E 25 m backstroke; silver Panos
Cat D 25 m backstroke: gold Anja (NEW RECORD)
Cat D 50 m freestyle: gold Philip
 Cat E 25 m breaststroke: bronze Max
Cat D 25 m breaststroke: bronze Alison
Cat D 25 m butterfly; gold Philip (NEW RECORD!), bronze Anja Rahlenbeck
Cat E freestyle relay: 4th place ribbon (Joel, max, Sophia, Panos)
Cat C freestyle relay: 5th place ribbon (Katherine, Ppreethika, Abby, Edoardo)
Cat D 25 m freestyle relay: bronze (Ashley, Allison, Anja, Phillip)
Coaches: Lena Lundberg, Deborah Rahlenbeck & Nathalie Rahlenbeck
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