3-Way Conferences

Dear Parents and Guardians,

On Friday, 8 November, there will be 3-Way conferences for students in grades 6-12.

Following on from our well-attended Secondary School information evening earlier this year, 3-Way conferences are intended as an opportunity for parents, teachers and students to discuss students’ progress so far this semester and help set goals for further improvement.  Your child is also welcome to accompany you and be part of the dialogue that we want to encourage  among parents, teacher and student.

The reports (online login through the Parent Portal) will be open for viewing end of day monday, and a conference booking form is part of this package.  Teachers will be asking for the forms in class from 5-7 November, and will enter their names and room number for a specific time on the attached form.  Teachers and parents are both required to initial the appropriate time  on the form in order to confirm the appointment.

Priority for conference times will be given to appointments requested by teachers (as indicated on reports), and also to parents new to the school.  Appointments are scheduled for ten minutes, but if you feel that is insufficient, additional conferences with individual teachers may be arranged for another time.  As always, teachers are available to make appointments at any time during the year to discuss your child’s progress; these can be arranged directly with the teacher or through Louise Foyle in the main office.

I encourage you to attend this important occasion that supports the partnership between parents and teachers to help your children succeed in school.

Yours sincerely,

Tobin Bechtel

Deputy Director / Secondary School Principal

Though it will be supplied monday, you may download the conference booking form here if need be:

3 Way conf sign up Nov 2013

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