Mother Tongue Programme

Dear parents and guardians of students in Grades 2 through 8,

After a successful pilot phase with Hindi and German, last year, we are ready to continue our programme of mother tongue instruction in selected languages spoken by students in Grades 2 – 8 (age approximately 7 – 13). Classes will primarily focus on grammar, reading and writing, but there also will be an emphasis on activity-based learning.

Eric Mueller will host an information session on Wednesday, 2nd of October from 19.00 to 19.45 in D6 to present the program and to answer any questions. This event is intended for non-native speakers of English only, who are interested in enrolling their children in mother tongue classes.

International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes support and encourage students to maintain study in their mother tongues. Since ISBerne introduced the IB, Grade 11 and 12 students have had the option to study their native language, for example, English, French and German, in classroom study, and languages as diverse as Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Urdu and Vietnamese through tutored and independent study.

Our Language Policy, adopted in 2010, commits the school to extending the availability of mother tongue programmes to younger ISBerne students. This extension will further support students as they prepare for the Diploma Programme. It will also support students who will be returning to their own countries as they maintain their spoken, reading and writing skills. Evidence strongly suggests that this study of the mother tongue increases the likelihood of success in one’s study of second and third languages.

After this information session, a survey on the Parents Portal will allow you to indicate interest in a mother tongue class. This service offered by ISBerne will incur additional costs. We require a minimum number of six students to be able to offer a class.

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