International School of Berne’s new campus project clears an important hurdle!

In brief comments given at the Parent Staff Association meeting last night, ISBerne Director, Mr Wayne Haugen, gave an update on the school’s new campus project.  “On last Thursday, 14 March, the project finance group deposited the necessary funds with the town of Muri-Gümligen.  These funds will allow the town to move forward with campus site improvements, i.e. street and utilities.”  These funds ensure that the work will be completed in time for the start of the school construction.  “Furthermore, the funding is in place for the building permit applications.  A local architectural firm, Burckhardt Partners, is working with town officials to schedule these applications for mid-April. With these important developments, the timeline for occupancy remains January 2015.”

burckhardt_campus_ISBerne_2When asked about the funding for the total project, Mr Haugen reported that the project’s complete financing is still being negotiated.  “The finance groups involved need to be given time to build a sustainable finance plan, including leasing costs that can be met by the ISBerne school budget for years to come. But what is most important is that the organizations involved are local and remain committed to the project’s timeline. We are very happy to report this news as it is very encouraging.”

Mr Chris Warren, 28-year veteran faculty member said, “This is the first time in a decade of work towards a new campus that the school is being backed by a solid and substantial sum.  We are very excited as a community of international educators to see the project moving forward.  Additionally it is particularly pleasing to have this happening in Siloah, a location that is so close to our home of 50 years and still connected to the local community which has supported us for so long.”

ISBerne enrollment recently reached 282 students, a 23% increase since August 2011.

The school will continue to serve students from ages 3 to 19 and is one of 200 schools in the world authorized to provide all three prestigious International Baccalaureate Programmes: Primary Years, Middle Years, and Diploma.

The project’s first phase is highlighted by a LEEDS-certified school building for 400 students.


In addition to the news above, the school has recently shared the below points, through the Berne Economic Development Agency (BEDA), with its constituents in the local, expat, diplomatic and corporate communities:

  • The location of the new campus is about 1 km from the existing campus along the tram line and 15 minutes from the heart of Berne. The design includes indoor and outdoor sports facilities, up-to-date school facilities, library, music rooms, theatre & arts spaces.
  • The project includes partnerships with Haco Wärmeverbund for heating and the neighboring Siloah Stiftung for foodservices.
  • A close relationship is maintained with the community of Muri-Gümligen who is entitled to use the new double-gym on evenings and weekends.
  • Construction is planned to start in Autumn 2013.

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