Child 31 – Watch the Trailer – The ISBerne Mary’s Meals fundraising group plans a screening of the movie and a soup-sale.

Mary's Meal 1Mary’s Meals is a Scottish charity founded in 1992 that sets up school feeding projects in some of the world’s poorest communities. The charity started with its founder, Magnus MacFarlane Barrow, providing blankets and food to victims of the Balkan Conflict. He filled a van with supplies and brought it to the conflict area himself. The idea was that this would be a one-off action, but when he returned to Scotland, more donations had already arrived. He then continuously brought the material to the area and henceforth got involved in the charity work, Mary’s Meals evolved out of this work.

 In 2002, Mary’s Meals started their school feeding projects in Malawi, a country which remains the focus of the charity’s work today. Over the years, Mary’s Meals has grown and managed  to feed 702,265 children worldwide every day in 2012.  The fact that children receive a meal at school means that daily attendance improves, concentration improves, education of girls is improved and better grades are achieved. All of this will in turn facilitate a better future for the children open opportunities for them such as further education or a good work place, thus being able to lift themselves out of poverty.

ISBerne has been supporting the charity for a number of years. Currently the fundraising is done by a group of 22 Grade 11 and 12 CAS students, who are managed by four student officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer) and are supervised by Mrs. Müller and Mrs. Van Niekerk.

So far this school year, the group has raised 2060 Swiss francs at ISBerne, and when one takes into consideration that it costs Mary’s Meals around 16 Swiss francs to provide one child with one meal each day for an entire  year, this means that the money raised by ISBerne so far this year, is enough to feed 128 children for one year. Fundraising events have included a BBQ and bake and book sales, as well as a dodge ball tournament and a candy cane sale. More fund raising events are planned, such as selling fruit on the ISBerne ski train and a soup sale.

Mary's Meals 2With the money the group raised last year at ISBerne, a kitchen was built in Kankhunkwe School in Mzimba in northern Malawi. The kitchen will be used by the Mary’s Meals volunteers to cook the meals donated by Mary’s Meals. This school is now ISBerne’s partner school, and all funds raised from now on will provide food for students at this particular school. ISBerne’s contributions have been recognized by the school in Malawi which has commemorated ISBerne’s efforts on a plaque in the school kitchen.

On January 30th 2013 a screening of the film Child 31 has been organized for the secondary students at ISBerne. The film, nominated for numerous awards, tells the story of Mary’s Meals and, according to the charity, “the intended purpose of the Child 31 film is to bring the story and message of Mary’s Meals to new eyes, new ears and new hearts.” The screening will be followed by a soup sale to raise more money for the cause.

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