At ISBerne there is lots of support to help you prepare for life after high school…

Gaining College Acceptances

Mr Warren, our university guidance counsellor, assists upper secondary students as they formulate their plans for the future.

To ensure students’ feel confident in their university decisions, representatives regularly give presentations on campus and are accompanied to a university fair in Zurich.

In addition, Mr Warren manages testing, including Euroquest, PSAT and SAT, gives class presentations and meets with students individually. He produces the ISBerne university handbook which is available to grade 10 to 12 students and also writes the school recommendation that accompanies every university application.

In addition to the presentations given at secondary parents’ coffee mornings, Mr Warren is delighted to answer any questions you might have concerning your child’s future plans.

Each year there is a graduating class of approximately 25 students and of these students 90% will go on to a college or university somewhere in the world. Those bound for the United States attend 4 year colleges and universities. Below is a list of some of the institutions (in alphabetical order) to which ISBerne students have been offered admission in the last three years.

Bath University, Berne University, Bristol Universi ty, Brighton Universi ty, Chester University, Derby University, Delft University, Durham University, Edinburgh University, Ecole Hotelière Lausanne, Erasmus University, Essex University, Geneva School of Diplomacy, Glasgow University, Greenwich University, Kent University, Kings College (London), Kingston University, Lancaster University, Liverpool University, London School of Economics, Loughborough University, Newcastle University, Nottingham University, Pisa University, Portsmouth University, Reading University, Royal Holloway (London), St. Andrews University, SOAS (London), Strathclyde University, Surrey University, Sussex University, University College (London), Webster University (Geneva campus).

North America:
Amherst College, Brigham Young University, Charleston University, Clemson University,
Brown University, Bryant University, Bryn Mawr College, High Point University, Marquette University, McGill University, Michigan State University, Northeastern University, Queens University,
Quest University, St. Louis University, Toronto University, University of British Columbia, University of California San Diego, University of California Los Angeles, University of Georgia, University of South Carolina, Vermont University, Wellesley College, William and Mary, York University.



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